Reviews-Adrian Plitzco

Reviews-Adrian Plitzco


“My favourite character is Meryl Sheep because she is so wise and old. I really enjoyed the part when Lancelot met the kangaroos. My favourite kangaroo is Rosebush. The bit that was the most scary was when the fox and Lancelot fight. I know what happened to most characters because it is explained really well!”

Mimi, 10 years (


“It is also a pleasure to hear Australian accents telling stories. Anne Phelan     ’s voice is rich and expressive, and in fact the whole cast is excellent, as is the quality of the recording.”

Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA)


“Children of all ages will enjoy this tale, which is well crafted and full of suspense and drama. Lancelot is a richly drawn character, whose transformation is powerful.”

Magdalena Ball: The Compulsive Reader

"In Lancelot, author Adrian Plitzco, tackles many issues: adoption, disability, acceptance of others, being different, life's lessons and the impact of the drought on Australian wildlife. When reflecting on the number of themes in Lancelot, it is easy to think that the author has taken on too much, but this is not the case. Each theme blends into this beautifully told story and it is not until you look at it in any detail that you realize just how much is included and how well the author has incorporated them."

“Most animals with a disability such as a missing limb will have to remain in care for life. This aspect of the story can be discussed by teachers and classes in primary school and also by parents and their children.”


“This is a charming and well produced audio book for children. It is well read by several presenters, and interspersed with bouncy, upbeat music. The artwork and packaging is nicely presented, so that when you open the audio-book, the CDs are integrated into the pictures.”

Native Animal Network Association